Learn about the Features of DotNet Core 3.0

Microsoft introduced a significant milestone in dot net services. Dot net is an open-source platform that allows developers to create an extensive range of mobile-based and web-based applications. In addition, it is a competent framework to create gaming applications. As DotNet Core continued to grow in popularity, Microsoft updated it to DotNet Core 3.0. In this new version, many new facilities were introduced to make dot net an even better framework.

What is New in DotNet Core 3.0?

This update now supports Windows desktop apps. Now you can run Windows Forms, UWP XAML, and Windows Framework in dot net. Microsoft has also launched a new programming language with the release of DotNet Core 3.0. The newly released language is C# 8.0. This language has a more robust vocabulary and more patterns that developers can use. Now, developers can enjoy new patterns like Positional Patters, Switch expression, Tuple Patterns, and many more.

DotNet Core 3.0 | Image Resource: static.gunnarpeipman.com

A total of 3k APIs were added in this newer version of dot net. Also, now developers can develop interactive applications with the Blazor server as well. In this server, one can create new apps or complement existing MVC and Razor applications. Developers can also say goodbye to the need to rewrite existing app logic. On the other hand, with added facilities, developers can enjoy the existing facilities of the original dot net core as well.

Can Anyone Use Dot Net Core?

This network is free for everyone. So, yes, anyone can use it to build applications. If you do not know how to use dot net, you can always learn. There are also many professional developers available for hire. You can hire them to make your applications as well. You can find these developers online, or you can hire any developer through referrals.

These developers are pro when it comes to the dot net run framework. You can expect them to be well-versed with DotNet 3.0 core as well. So, hiring them will ensure you fruitful results. However, make sure to hire only experienced developers. You should check their technical skills and knowledge as well. A knowledgeable and professional developer will take up even complicated projects and make your vision come true.

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