Choose Go Air To Your Destinations – Go Air Flight Schedule!

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Make your travel plans and choose flights to your destination. Look out for budget carriers as the ticket prices are affordable. Many travellers have started choosing flights for their travel needs with the introduction of budget carriers. The motive behind starting budget carriers is to promote air travel amongst all sections of people. Earlier air travel was considered a luxury as the ticket prices were very high and only the privileged could take up air travel.

Budget Carrier And Their Preference
Air travel is safe and faster and when you get affordable tickets why choose anything other than this. The budget carriers have made travel cheaper as old carriers were converted to budget carriers. These carriers were flying for short distances and complimentary food was not offered in these carriers but passengers can pay and order their food. Now as these carriers have become popular, they are flying to long distances and in such cases complimentary food is also provided.

Go Air- Info For Travellers
Go Air is a budget carrier owned by the Wadia group. This ultra- low- cost carrier is based in Mumbai and the airline commenced its operations in November 2005. The airline was started as Go Air and later the name was changed as Go First. The airline has a fleet size of 57 aircrafts and it is the fifth largest airline of the country. The airline flies to 38 destinations and of these 27 are domestic destinations and the rest are international destinations. Go Air flight schedule can be known through the airline site or through travel sites.

Some of the international destinations covered by the airline are Bangkok, Muscat, Kuwait, Singapore, Dubai, Phuket, etc. By using the manage booking option of the airline you can do hotel booking, book car rental and you can also get your pre-flight COVID test done. Defence personnel get 8% discount on the base fare while students above the age of 12 will get a discount of 5% on the base fare. They have to provide their ID proof and the tickets are not transferrable.

You will get full information on exotic destinations the airline flies to on their site. You get info on attractions of the place and flight schedule of Go Air flights from the site. Airbus A 320 -200 and Airbus A 320 neo are the aircrafts of the airline. You can pre book your meals and the meals are prepared by Raj Uphaar, a women empowerment programme.

You are free to choose window seat, aisle seat or seats with extra leg room by paying an extra nominal amount. You can purchase excess baggage allowance when you carry more than the stipulated quota. A nominal fee is charged and it differs with routes and the fee for international routes is higher than that of domestic routes. Premium meet and greet services are offered where in first time travellers, business travellers and senior citizens get assistance. This is provided for a hassle-free airport experience.

The airline has won awards for best performance and least flight cancellations and it has won awards for the best quality and efficient service on the domestic route.

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